Cancellation Policy

  • 45 Minute Lessons - $25
    -Cancel 1 business day in advance to avoid fee
  • 5 Hour Class - $25
    - Cancel 1 business day in advance to avoid fee
  • Road Test - $50 - Cancel 3 business day in advance to avoid fee

***** If your lesson is on a Monday, Please Call our office on Saturday to reschedule and avoid the fee. We do not accept voicemail / texts / emails to cancel your lessons / appointments. Thank You! *****

Refund Policy

  1. No refund without original receipt
  2. All refunds must be claimed within a year of receipt date.
  3. Refund must be claimed in person by the client only at our office, we will NOT mail any refunds.
  4. If you sign up for a package and decide not to complete the package you will be charged for individual services.
  5. If you paid with a credit card you will be charged 6% of your total refund

Lesson Rules

  1. Lessons are offered from Monday-Friday 7am-7pm, Saturdays 8am-7pm and Sundays By Appointment Only
  2. If you need to cancel any future scheduled lessons, make sure you cancel 1 business day in advance; if not you will be charged a $25.00 cancellation fee or loss of a lesson.
  3. Clients are to vary between at least two instructors due to the fact they are not always available.
  4. Due to the insurance policy, only the registered student and the instructor may be inside the vehicle during the lesson.

Road Test Rules

  1. All clients must make sure their permit and 5hour certificate is up to date. (PHOTO PERMIT ONLY)
  2. Clients who need duplicates of their 5Hour certificate must obtain it 3 business days in advance before your scheduled road test date. There will be a $25 Fee for a duplicate certificate.
  3. If you utilize glasses, please be sure to bring them the day of the road test.
  4. You must arrive at EZ PASS DRIVING SCHOOL 90 minutes before your scheduled road test time.
  5. Clients who have decided to go to their road test on their own must make sure to arrive at the testing site 30 minutes before scheduled road test time.
  6. Clients must make sure their TEMP. VISITOR (if applicable) is up to date.
  7. EZ Pass does not pick up the day of the road test; each client must make their own way to our office.
  8. EZ Pass Driving School is NOT responsible if your road test appointment has been canceled by another Driving School/Agency. (Please be cautious who you give your information to)